Self Defense Solutions

Rick Fowler, Owner and Lead Instructor

Rick Fowler is a martial arts, self-defense instructor, and currently the owner and lead instructor of Self Defense Solutions of Cleveland, TN.

He has studied martial arts since 1983 and achieved rank and certifications in the following:

  • Black Belt Bando

  • Black Belt Lethwei-Muay Thai (Kick Boxing)

  • Brown Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

  • Black Belt Alan Baker’s Civilian Tactical Program

  • Black Belt Warrior Legacy

  • Certified Personal Protection Specialist

  • Graduate of Executive Protection Institute of New York.

  • Member of Nine Lives Associates.

  • Affiliate Instructor Erik Paulson's Combat Submission Wrestling

  • Affiliate Instructor Erik Paulson's MMA Program

  • Affiliate Instructor of Erik Paulson's STX Kickboxing

  • Affiliate Instructor of Erik Paulson’s Combat Submission Jiu-Jitsu

Rick continues his martial arts education under the direction of Sifu Alan Baker and the instructor team at Atlanta Martial Arts Center in Woodstock, GA.