Self Defense Solutions

Adult Brazilian Jiu‐Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu‐Jitsu (BJJ) is a highly effective self‐defense system of ground fighting. It is designed to allow a smaller, weaker person to defend them self in a real world situation that goes to the ground. Brazilian Jiu‐Jitsu does this by the detailed study of correct body mechanics, timing and placement. This is good for you the student because the methods are not based on one strength or speed so the skills will not fade as will strength and speed. This is also in line with the self‐defense mindset of Jiu‐Jitsu, meaning your training should prepare you for a street encounter where you don’t get to choose what weight class you will be fighting in.

The self- defense mindset is important because statistics say 90 to 95% of all violent attacks and street fights end up on the ground, where Brazilian Jiu‐Jitsu’s techniques are most effective. Unlike most sport biased Jiu‐Jitsu programs, BJJ not only studies grappling but also teaches the student how to deal with the opponent that tries to strike you in each position and how to effectively deal with it.

The physical benefits of training are incredible for the student. Most students experience a physical change in their bodies within 30 days of beginning their training. Students will lose weight and become more lean, gain useable strength, become more flexible and loosen the body. Many students experience lower levels of stress which leads to higher levels of day to day energy.

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